Read about successful LRP stories and learn more about the different ways the LRP can help you conserve water, protect your property and contribute to your community!

Rainwater Story

This site experiences severe water scarcity. The landowner's well runs dry seasonally. Some neighbors have resorted to trucking in water for potable use. A 3,500 gallon rainwater tank with pump system was installed on the site. Prior to the installation of this tank, Ms. L collected rainwater in small containers to water her goats and modest landscaping needs. Now she has enough water for these purposes with the potential for system expansion should the need arise. Ms. L said, "I've been collecting rainwater off my garage roof for over 20 years as my well typically goes dry off and on during the summer. To have a big tank catching it for me and a pump to get the water to the plants and animals will be wonderful!"

Greywater Story

"Greywater rocks! I am so grateful to the LRP and a great team of volunteers for helping me install a laundry-to-landscape greywater system. Hosting a greywater workshop at my house was a dream come true. The team did a great job of designing and leading the project. They gave me tips on how to put together a team of volunteers with the right mix of novices, expertise, skills and aptitude for the 1 day workshop. Everyone banded together, taught each other, lent their skills, learned new techniques, and the results were amazing. Now my washing machine is watering my fruit trees."

Rainwater/Greywater Story

In this project a network of two new 5,000 gallon rainwater tanks capture and pump water to a third pre-existing tank at the top of the property for gravity-controlled irrigation of water efficient landscaping and a vegetable garden. Ms. T said, "It is my strongly held value to make the most use of the water that falls on my property. Many years ago, I spoke to a county representative about installing a greywater system. But they were totally unfamiliar with that. Now I feel so really good about being able to work with a group that speicalizes in water conservation technology."


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